Sunday, April 21, 2013

NCC#2: Pastels

This is most definitely a nail fail and I'm just gonna show you and be done with it =P

I started with Zoya Pixie Dust Nyx and then tried to do some swirly design on it with Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. Dotting tools don't work well for painting on a textured surface, surprise >_>;

 I think at this point I tried to matte-seal it with Julep topcoat, but it just lost everything cool. As you may notice on the thumb, I also started out trying to stamp and it didn't really transfer properly and only got worse from there on the other nails so I gave up.

Well, be honest, how does my disaster look? =P


  1. I think the idea is great. The colors look nice together. I had a similar idea for the pastels #1 and interestingly, your experience is pretty much the same. Topcoat destroyed it for me too... so glad I tested on my right hand first o.O""

    1. Yeeah I ended up taking this off pretty quickly. I need to get some nail art brushes soon.


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