Friday, March 22, 2013

Let It Snow #14 Winter Blues

I'm breaking my promise and this is out of order. I'm sorry again ==; I'm gonna use all the excitement of my bald head to shield me from blame because I honestly really felt like having blue and I fully intended to do some gradient and it just didn't happen...

Instead, I put down Nyx Thunder.

 And then Saran Wrap! I used Essence Walk On Air and You Belong To Me, and Sally Hansen Blue Me Away =) I did a couple dabs of each to get some layers and depth.

 Over it I added Essie Pure Pearlfection, one of my favourite toppers (go figure).

Check everyone else out!


  1. These look really really good! I love saran wrap nails, I did them with a light orange and a darker orange then liked it so much I did the same thing with purple. I definitely need to try something like this, it's so pretty and isn't too complicated.

    1. Thank you! I get so many compliments and this is the easiest thing. I totally want to do them with every colour. I'll have to stalk your blog for those!

      There's this girl with a Facebook page called Breezythenailpolishlover (all one word, yes) and she is a MASTER of saran wrap mani colour combinations. Somehow all of hers come out looking like fire regardless of the colour group she uses! Check her out if you feel like it =)

    2. Haha I think I forgot to take pictures of them! I left my camera near my computer then just forgot about it! I will definitely check her out! Thanks


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