Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Swatch: Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Lava

HAI ALL! So I went shopping today! I had some goodies to get for some awesome people!

=D Just a peek! And I passed by this on my way...

So of course I grabbed myself the belle of the collection: Lava.

This is an orange-pink duochrome that is REALLY strong in the right light and looks like sunset. The first time I used it I did four coats, but it really only needs two medium thick ones. Can you tell which pics have Seche?

(Some of these pictures are bad, but I wanted to show the duochrome nicely)

This was the most unique shade of the bunch, and a glassfleck! I'm in love!

Have you seen this collection around? Which one's your favourite?

(Oh look, the sun came out!)

Sooooo prettyyyy *____________________*


  1. Oh wow! This polish is gorgeous! I need to get this!

    1. Belle of the collection ;) There's also a Chanel Peridot (gold-blue) dupe in there! You won't be disappointed =)


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