Thursday, February 21, 2013

Swatch: Golden Rose 187

Hi all! I have FINALLY gotten around to swatching this colour, and I have definitely been sitting on it for a while (since last May, it's from Istanbul!). Golden Rose 187 is a gorgeous grey creme. It's a little on the thick side but it works out nicely. When I've used it before as well, it seems to peel off in rubbery chunks, though I haven't actually used it as a base so that may have been the other colours. I did two coats here, one thin, then thick. Good coverage, and a little pooling at the tips...

It's pretty, right? =D Do you like grey?


  1. i love grey and this shade is lovely on you.. i dont get why its called Golden Rose though.. its not gold or rose!

  2. or is that the brand name and me being thick?

    1. xP It IS confusing when brands don't name their colours and just give them numbers! Golden Rose is the brand, I believe it's from France possibly and it's a cheapie brand. I got mine for about 2 Turkish Lira each, which is $1.70CAD most days. I imagine Golden Rose would be a lovely colour itself though... Hmmm ;)


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