Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Swatch: Glitzology Snow Day

So waaaay back last year, I hit a bunch of Black Friday sales on Etsy and Glitzology was one of my hauls. I got four minis for something like $15? One of those glitters was Snow Day, which just looks like different bits of white but actually includes some iridescent blue/green stuff too! It is BEAUTIFUL.

After I euthanized my poor Growlithe (still in mourning) I snipped down to shorties and put down Julep Marisa for a base and swiped on coat of Glitzology Snow Day over it.

I am so enamoured. It's pretty and it may help me get over my poor Growlithe <3

What do you think? It was Lacquer Lad who found Glitzology first in my follow-web <3 Are you gonna go look too?


  1. I just got a glitzology shipment and I absolutely loved it!

    I did a post too... i think it's "related" enough :)



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