Saturday, January 12, 2013

Swatch: Elianto Red

Another from my friend Sybil! She passed along this gorgeous red colour from the brand Elianto. The red in the bottle looks like it has subtle gold flakies in it and it's absolutely gorgeous. It, like Bloop, is a jelly, and it dries nicely shiny and the flakies are much more noticeable in person. The name had since fallen off the bottom so if somebody knows anything, leave me a comment!

This is two coats. I did use Bloop as a basecoat so I'm not sure if this has any VNL after two coats.

You can see the flakie-ness in the bottle here
 Becaause I didn't have my Seche with me, I used my new Julep Suede Matte topcoat, which I recently got in the New Year's Eve Mystery Box. It was pretty nice, though it wasn't doing this polish in particular any favours (in person - these picture actually look better than real life).

I can kind of see why they're calling it "Suede" rather than straight-up "Matte". It seems to be softer than my WarPaint Matte topcoat, if you know what I mean. I should do a comparison over one colour one day... Would you be interested?

What have you guys been wearing on your nails lately?