Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pokemon Nail Challenge #2: FIRE

I'm really lucky for a lot of reasons. To jump right into it, one of them is because I get to do my FAVOURITE POKEMON EVAR right now. Right. Now.

Orly Cha Cha Cha and some acrylic paint....

heehee, any guesses?

Before Seche...

After Seche..

So yeah, I LOVE Arcanine. It's super cute in all the new games, even if the original design (see Pokemon card) wasn't super endearing. But lookit him! He looks so CUDDLY.

So on my right hand is my guinea pig hand (I'm left-handed) and I got what looks like a widdle Growlithe while on my left I tried to make it look more grown up and get an Arcanine. I think I kind of succeeded to we'll say this post is for Growlithe/Arcanine, seeing as they kinda look the same anyway. I wish I coulda put his tail on my nails somewhere but alas, can't have it all.

I really wish I had more to say about this, but I do a lot of squee-ing over my Arcanines (Blaze in HeartGold, Tiger in Platinum, Toby in Black2...) so it's kind of dilute. I wub them all though.

Nichole had the idea to sketch the Pokemon she was doing and I liked it, so I'm doing to anyway.

=) The left is more recent, though I think I like the right one better. Drawing Arcanine really drives home that I imagine him with a big lion's mane and akita paws. Tiger puppy <3 Mwah! Check out everyone else's! Fire was a very well represented type in generation 1!


  1. I love him, he's adorable!! You did an awesome job! I was going to attempt him this week, but decided it would be too hard lol. He's always been one of my favorites too :)

    1. Oh my gawsh I am SO GLAD you did Vulpix because she came out SO adorable. I'm totally jealous. I can't do my next post though because I can't stand the thought of removing him X_X #nailpolishproblems amirite?

      PS Thank you <333

    2. I understand, I am often sad when I have to remove pokemon off my nails... Your growliths are awesome!!!

    3. Thank you! We'll just wear them until they die of natural causes, like a tough-to-unscrew pickle jar then, right? xP

      Yours have been pretty awesome too =D I'm so glad of our group, EVERYBODY is talented <3

  2. He's so bright and fluffy! Awesome job, Sharra!!

    1. Thank you =DDD I am totally proud of this one ^___^


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