Thursday, January 10, 2013

Overdue shoutouts

Hey all, this is something I wanted to do since my giveaway. A lot of you guys plugged your little blogs and I really enjoyed checking them all out. I'm quite enjoying my sparkly unicorn hoof nails so I also thought this would make a good filler ;P

First up I want to do a really big thank you to Kelly from Nails for the Sake of Sanity. You guys have noticed that she's getting a lot of shoutouts from me because she sent me this enormous box of fantabularity (I make up words). I sent her some goodies (yay swaps!) and also sent over some shinies to New Zealand for Harriet at Nailhilism (which may be the greatest pun ever).

Next up: My winners!
And here are the blogs you all recommended! (I hope you don't mind me doing this, you guys!) **In no particular order**
So those are all I pulled from the Rafflecopter file. If I missed anybody, link me in the comments and I'll add you in (and apologise profusely - I still lobe you!).