Monday, January 21, 2013

Drunken Partay(s)

Alright everyone, I promise THIS IS RELEVANT TO THE BLOG. Because guess what? When my friends do drunken partays, they do drunken poutine partays! (I may be slightly intoxicated writing this post - sorry y'all.)

Anyway, I trekked over to my friend's place on the day of Friday and we made lots of great stuff.

McCain fries and delicious cheese curds!
 Our guest of honour and host with 8 cups of gravy. Eight. Cups. (250ml*8 = 1 L of gravy)

The. Best.
 I honestly had three bowls like this. The gravy was fat-free instant stuff that SAID "poutine" on the packet, it was awesome. I forget where he got the cheese curds but I WILL FIND OUT because I personally intend to make these parties a thing. I recommend not using McCain superfries though, and just going to McDick's or A&W and just ordering huge batches. It still wouldn't cost very much (would it?) or you could ask everyone to bring $2 - $3 to cover cost of fries. There was also bacon. It was amazing. I also discovered Galliano in Coca Cola. Pretty freaking awesome.

The second party I went to was fantastic. I'm just gonna post the highlights because you all totes wanna know 'bout mah gangsta lyfe.

Effin' Gangnam Style!
 And then a drunken group rendition of A Whole New World (Disney's Aladdin). That's how cool we are.

There was no puking! Hurrah!
It was fun! I actually met people and stuff, and had poutine! My poutine buddy (the handsome devil making gravy up there) is leaving me though, so I'm taking applications. Feel free to tweet at him (@pio07phga) and tell him that he is heartless for abandoning me so. Also, make him famous (#PhilippeforPM2015).

Submit below your full name and availability for the Poutine Buddy position.


  1. Alcohol, poutine, and Disney songs?! I want to go to there!!

    1. So you're coming next round yeah? ;) Inject poutine into ALL THE EVENTS. It's not over until your blood runs gravy. xP

  2. Wow sounds like so much fun! I want to try Poutine now! I like the note too! It is really funny! Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend!

    1. My friends are the best, I definitely had a capital GREAT weekend ;) Host a poutine party and take some pictures for me! =D

  3. Hahaha, we're are great :D
    And now full of gravy


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