Monday, January 14, 2013

Aveda Peppermint and Black Licorice Root Green Tea

I finally got my hands on the most delicious tea I have ever ever ever tasted!

BUT FIRST, an introduction:


If you walk into an Aveda, they will offer you some tea. It's a green tea, sugar and caffeine free and 100% organic. It's Peppermint and Black Licorice Root. You get this fresh peppermint breath and the black licorice root gives it a subtle sugary aftertaste. I don't need to add anything to it to enjoy it. Omfg.

I tried this during the summer with one of my awesome friends and we vowed to go back. We never actually did, but FINALLY, I made it. I got a whole jar.

This little jar set me back $39 but I made some yesterday and a single teaspoon got me two whole teapots worth, and I probably could have made a third with zero lessening in taste. I am really pleased. The associates at the store told me this should last me about 6 months, so we'll see. I will let you know =)

I have been drinking it all weekend and it is amazing. The downside? Other than the price, it appears to give my lovely boyfriend heartburn =( Oh well, more for me! Sorry love <3

What's your favourite tea? And what's the best thing you've ever found in the least expected place? Do you think it beats tea in a hair salon? xP


  1. This is my favorite at the moment:

    This is my to go to tea when I feel sick:

    If I want some caffeine:

    And the little bit I have left of this:

    You should come over for tea one day.

    1. It's a date!! Thanks for all the recommendations too! =D


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