Thursday, January 24, 2013

A hair post!

I'm not sure how many of you care, but I wanted to talk about my hair for a bit. I've been trying some new stuff lately, and taking more time with it all that I thought maybe you'd like to see, especially since everyone seems to like curls (including me!).

My hair is naturally a little wavy, and if I play it right after a shower, I get four ringlets on either side of my face, while the back is a little straighter. As my hair gets longer and heavier, it straightens out a bit. It's also quite fluffy at the ends, and I'm prone to split ends.

The easiest way that I've found to curl my hair is braiding it after it's wet. This lets it dry slowly which makes it look really soft and smooth while it's being curled. Usually I start on one side of my head and french braid around to the back and over the other shoulder. I usually twist and pin it in a bun on the side of my head from there because it's a thin little tail. I wear it in the braid for a whole day and the next day when I wake up I take the braid out.

Here's what you get when you do that:

 The other way to do this is from a youtube tutorial that my friend showed me one day after she showed up with fantabulous amazing curls. Skip to 3:33 to bypass the talking

Like she suggested, I usually put my hair up and wear it like that for a day.

I found that rose headpiece when I was in Istanbul ^^ It's over the headband.
The first time I did this, I slept in it and the headband was too low over my forehead. I had a red line across my head for almost two days xP

It's there, though it was more visible in person...
The second time I had the headband farther back, and I got this:
Okay, and the third time I did it illustrates how taking different sized pieces to tuck in can change your result a LOT. I woke up like this one day...

I looked in the mirror and squeaked! It was so surprising!! WHAT DO YOU DO WITH ALL OF THAT, KAILA?? I added some water and some product and managed to tame it down to this:

And that is MUCH better. Plus there was a giant purple bow in my hair ^^

The next day it was a little calmer, and I ran a brush through it =) This is a lot more what I expected to have the day before haha...

So there you go. Have you guys tried the headband method? How did that turn out for you? Are you guys interested in hair product? I don't use a lot of it, but I can do a pretty good comparison of some hair serums if you'd like. Let me know in the comments!


  1. i don't usually give a damn about my hair....but i really want to try the headband method!

    1. I want to see you try it too! It works REALLY WELL for me =O

  2. So pretty! <3 I wonder if it would work on mine once it's a bit longer.

  3. i will need to acquire a headband.

    1. =P My friend gave me one of hers, I never bought them either.

  4. p.s. you have the saddest face on the poofy pics.

    1. I didn't know what to do with it all! SO SHOCKED!

  5. I really like it in photo 5?
    I think 5? the one with the tree?
    It looks so healthy there. :-)
    And big.

    1. Thanks! I definitely had a red line across my forehead IRL though xD and it was HUGE in the last set of pictures, if that's what you like =P


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