Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Swatch: KleanColor City Never Sleeps

I still haven't gotten a new light bulb yet so I'm totally sorry for these pictures =( I had a totally weird day where I had to be up at school at 8:30AM, invigilated until 11:30AM and then marked for six hours. SIX hours. Found out I don't have a job next semester, succumbed to a stuffy-nose illness and over-ate. I'm totally beat. On the plus side...

Nail polish, Pokemon and pity cake.
I feel a bit better.

I started with Julep Nessa.

Bad lighting >_< SIGH.

Welp, then I added on KleanColor City Never Sleeps. I put one coat on, then another.

This is the other hand, and you can see it kind of pools =(

So I did what I always do when a glitter is underwhelming me...


And in case you're wondering about that lighting change, I opened a word document and bend my laptop screen down >_< ghetto-blogging, yo.

And the sun...

So this is either very summer-y... or clownish. =/ Hmmmm.

Anyway, I think this is gonna look much better over a dark colour, and it actually kind of reminds me of WingDustCollections Fly Me To The Moon (which I still have to swatch).

I have one more exam left, and then hopefully regular posts will happen again.

Oh! And I'd like to welcome my new followers! My winners answered back and I'll be posting the announcement soon, with pictures of the wrapped up polishes too =D

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