Friday, December 28, 2012

Swatch-ish attempted glitter gradient with Model's Own Ibiza Mix

As you may remember, my Chester's Drawers prize included TWO polishes. Though they were perfect for each other, I didn't want to double back and do another Essence I Love Bad Boys underwear again.

From yesterday: Essence Out of My Mind with an attempted reverse gradient of Model's Own Ibiza Mix

Glitter is hard to photograph! Extreme SHINE =O

This glitter had really nice spread, and the particles scattered evenly and it looks really really good (like dang!). I swiped once, and then tried to dab near the cuticle to get a gradient going. I'm not really convinced I succeeded but it looks pretty awesome, especially with how shiny it is after my Seche. =D

What's your favourite Model's Own? This is my first, and unfortunately probably last, since it's so hard to get in Canada.

Side note: Do you guys wanna see a Christmas presents post? I didn't get much nail polish (I didn't want any - I don't want people getting me doubles, or things I wouldn't like) but I did get some cool stuff and a LOT of chocolate. I've had two chocolate oranges already and I feel a little sick xP I used to be so good at self-control haha.

Feel free to tell me about your Christmas! I'd love to hear/see what you got, kay =D

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