Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Swatch: Golden Rose 314

I bought this in Istanbul earlier this year. It's a super cheap brand that I haven't heard much about outside of Istanbul and Turkish websites. I picked up this and Golden Rose 335 under the impression that they're both duochromes, though this one (314) is definitely due to microglitter if anything.

Anyway, application was amazing. Two coats was perfect! I added a third for depth but wow! On top of that, it dried very quickly (which is great, because while I was watching the US Election results I dinged them up a LOT - no effect, already dry =D).

Now the only problem is that no matter how hard I bloody tried, it looks completely BLUE in these photos. I'm designating this a true blurple, and I think it must be right on par with China Glaze's recent Bizarre Blurple. Wish I could compare 'em, but that's not a reason for me to buy anything.

You can kind of see the purple around the edges of my nail right? It's a good mix of purple and bluish/indigo around the entire nail, and it shows differently away from the camera and bright light. In person, it reminds me a lot of WingDustCollections Snakeskin Shoes actually (which I am lemming... rawr) and to which I still have a 15% off code I believe, if any of you want to do some shopping ;) (BLAHG15).

I also want to apologise for my little mess and say that I left them before I took pictures on purpose, to show once again that I am not perfect (though my dexterity is quite good due to some drawing talent) but that I usually clean up my messes as best I can before taking/posting pictures.

Have a great day, ladies! I have something special for Thursday =)


  1. That shimmer is really awesome, Sharra! Some Golden Rose polishes occasionally find their way here, so I'll definitely keep an eye out. ;)

    1. OoooOOOooooOOOoooohhh this one's better in person too I promise! Lucky lady ;)


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