Monday, November 26, 2012

Nail Polish Canada Week 2 theme: gifts!

Everything I could think of for this prompt was just too Christmas-y so screw it, I just went for it.

It's week two, and I need your help again! Please take a couple seconds to vote for me <33? I'm in the drop-box now, under "The Blahg" =) The link will be at the bottom of the post as well. Don't forget week 1 voting is open until November 28th! Click here to vote for me there too! <333!!!

I started with Elmer's Glue and WarPaint Mattify (this is an experiment to see if it will prevent the wrinkling - I'll let you know how it goes!) as a base-coat, because I wanted this to come off right away - it's not even December yet! On top of that, I did Sally Hansen Ivy League, a green with a gold shimmer. I left some space by my cuticles on purpose.

After that, I used Revlon Get Reddy to put a red stripe right down the center.
Now, taking a cue from Kayono from Neues vom Kellerkind, I poked on a bow by my cuticles.

Oh em gee, they ended up SO CUTE.

Because I knew I wanted an accent of some kind, I added China Glaze Electrify to the ribbon on my ring finger =)

UNF. Nail porn! Even though this is definitely too early for Christmas, I really, really like them and I am very glad I got to do these <3 Those challenge prompts from The Nail Challenge Collaborative wouldn't have been enough to cover all the Christmas art I want to do, so at least it's out of the way.

I totally wanted to add details using my trusty Sharpie, but I couldn't bear to add black lines. I think it looks great like this - would you have preferred details by black pen?

Now that you've seen the final product, please vote for me here (again - it's week 2, I need you!!) <3 I will be forever grateful!! (And on Week 1 <3!) Thank you!!

What do you think?


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    1. Awww thanks a bunch! I've got some heft competition... to the point that I don't feel like competition for them =P


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