Saturday, December 1, 2012

Let It Snow #1: Snowflakes

It's time for another seasonal challenge brought to you by...

Obviously, this season is winter for us! Here's our schedule <3

And today marks Day 1 =D SNOWFLAKES. I'm warning you now my camera doesn't like blue, so this isn't the most colour accurate post. Also if you'll recall, I did snowflakes for Nail Polish Canada's first week of the Holiday Challenge but with stamping. This one's alllll freehand baby.

I started with two coats of Julep Claire.

 It was a little gloopy and baldy but it didn't matter too much since I was going to cover it up. Here's where my camera fails for a bit. I sponged on a gradient using Essence You Belong To Me, while not the most opaque polish, wasn't quite this invisible in real life.

It's lighter at the tips, really!!

Anyway, the next step was Rainbow Honey Celestia, which over blue just makes everything looked iced. The original swatch post for this was much better than the pictures I actually got here.

You can actually kind of see the gradient in that last photo! Lighter at the tips! That's not a lighting trick!

Guh. Moving on...

On some VERY sound advice from some very awesome ladies in the NCC (Kayono, Sue, Becky), I bought some acrylic paint! Holy mother is this stuff so much easier to work with. And a whole bottle was $1.49. What the hell was I worried about?

Pre-cleanup:, then some clean up:

UNF, look at that thumb!
Left hand turned out alright too!

I loooove it =D What do you think?

Did you hear Windows is doing a polish bar for their advertising? And of course I got suckered in for free polish, but I already had my nails painted and took a picture with them =D

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And then check out everyone else's fantabulous nails! Snowflakes really do all come out unique ^_^


  1. Beautiful design, I am attempting my first nail challenge! Its all very exciting! x

    1. Good luck!! Post on my facebook wall with your links and pictures if you'd like =D

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was so hard to photograph, I still don't think I did it justice ><

  3. Yay~ You bought some acrylics! And I really think your first mani using them turned out great! :D
    That Julep looks very intense, great color. I wonder if I have a color like that in my stash. Need to check. And I love the frosty look! <3

    1. Thank yoouuu!! And thank you for pushing me to get some, they really are EASY to work with!

      Julep Claire must have a dupe that won't cost you a fortune if you don't have it =D

  4. Great look+work :D Julep's nail colours are awesome and to easy to apply ( ah well for me though , it's to hard to apply nail colour rightly!! :P)
    Voted you for your nails , wish you good luck lovely :D

    1. Practice makes perfect. Thank you for the vote =)


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