Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Hoof Wrassle

Obviously, this went over Julep Zoe =] You didn't think I was going to leave that alone did you?

Hmmm, well, this fits that pumpkin theme well, and the mix of glitter is great, but on one nail, I ended up with this lumpy gross texture. If you guys are going to use this polish, I actually recommend using a base colour that isn't super close to the colour of the glitter. I am definitely going to try this over a different colour of polish before I condemn it forever. I take full responsibility. Because Julep Zoe is so close, I lost some of the glitter and it just looks textured. Take a look:

It really is a gorgeous colour...

On the one hand, I got this lumpy mess of orange, especially on my ring and pinky fingers. On the other, it was perfect - a good mix of glitters and everything laid flat... Too bad. Because of that though, I went home and added a second layer of glitter!

I think with the second layer I lost the shiny gold glitter unfortunately. This almost acted like a jelly, but more sheer... I'm terrible with descriptions... Anyway, with the second swipe, some little red glitters started peeking out and that was cool, but I wish it hadn't covered the gold! The second layer definitely evened out the lumpiness though. Everything laid flat and it is such a gorgeous mix...

I'll definitely be trying a less conventional colour combination in the future.

What colour do you think would have worked better?

You guys can start your Rainbow Honey collection right here!