Sunday, September 2, 2012

Swatch: Julep Chelsea - ROCKSTAR NAILS

Am I crazy for posting about every day? I'm crazy for posting almost every day.

That's okay. GLITTER!

As you can see I FINALLY got to play with Julep Chelsea from my July box. It is an extremely dense glitter polish with purple being the main colour, though silver is the other main glitter colour with even some little greens making an appearance. This is three coats over Essence Break Through because I wasn't sure if it would cover completely (I don't like holes in my polish which happens normally with glitter). It completely covered though, and I could have definitely gone without =)

Some sun pictures! =D

The most awesome, surprising part? IT DRIED SMOOTH! It was also three coats, my pictures have no topcoat. I defs feel like a rock star wearing these, and that's a good thing right before school, right?

I almost forgot my plug! If you guys want some Julep, use >>>this link<<< and take the quiz. At checkout after you've chosen your intro box, use the code PENNY (with free shipping!!! EVEN FOR CANADIALAND) for your first box for one cent, free shipping. Keep it for 30 days before you cancel (you can skip your next box and cancel subscription on the next one) and I will be VERY HAPPY =D


  1. Replies
    1. GIVE ME YOUR WORDS. "Crazyglam", I love it, thank you! I will forever be striving for Jen's and your vocabulary x)

  2. I died when I saw that last pic! DIED! Then was resuscitated so I could comment. ;) Awesome color!

    1. I KNOW RIGHT? It was very in your face =D Pick it up on their next sale! I think there's one coming in the middle of the month.


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