Thursday, September 20, 2012

Swatch: Joe Cement

Once upon a time, Sharra walked into Superstore and saw Joe Fresh brand nail polish 3/$10. And naively, Sharra bought some!

One of them, Joe Mocha, worked perfectly. The other one Twilight, is going to the giveaway box (message if you want it =P). The last is Joe Cement, a soft dove grey polish that is too sheer for its own good. Except that I don't have an alternative and it's too pretty for me to give up.

In certain lights it looks bluish or lavenderish. It's really nice. The downside is that this is 5 coats and I'm sure in the sun it's still not quite opaque. My recommendation is that if you can find a dupe with more opacity, get it instead =P On the plus side, this dried extremely quickly. Surprisingly so. So if you've got nothing else, this isn't the worst you could do for sure =D