Friday, September 28, 2012

Swatch: Essence Princess Prunella

Guys. Guys. Y'know how annoying it is to be a "free-thinker" with insurmountable amounts of brand loyalty? Extremely disheartening. And then you hit a brand like Essence and you just don't even think about it anymore. This is another of those that I mindlessly bought because it was Europe, there was Essence, and I hadn't seen it before (the other being High Spirits). The bottle doesn't look like my cup of tea, kind of a brown leaning mauve with pink/purple shimmer. Anyway, I decided I was feeling girly one night and wanted to use this as the base for something I didn't think I'd like but I knew I had to try...

I'm just speechless in love. I was so torn (again) about covering it up with anything. Dried quick, two coats, shiny, smooth, luuuuurve...

Are you guys as enamoured? I have yet to be disappointed by Essence... 


  1. Replies
    1. That's the one I'm using everywhere, it's the best colour accuracy wise and non-disgusting cuticle wise =P


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