Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Swatch: Essence A Lovely Secret

I couldn't wait any longer, I needed to get on my glitter. For this one, we're starting with a base of essence A Lovely Secret. It's a light purple creme with tiny tiny tiny dark purple matte glitter that shows up on the nail not the bottle and shiny break through-like slightly larger glitter (looks like a shimmer) that you can see in the bottle but not on the nail.

I took 3 coats, though I was fine in two. My problem is that I'm usually in bad lighting so I can never tell how visible the VNL (visible nail line) is.

So purty =)

See the bottle shimmer? Nothin' on the nail. Just be aware =p
So that'll be the base for some fabulous glitter. Wait for it ;)

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