Thursday, August 16, 2012

Poutine #6: Frenchies on our downtown day!

Frenchies is on 425 Dunsmuir (under construction scaffolding right now so it's easy to miss.) It's diner style with the red couch seats and little round corner tables. I wish I'd gotten a picture of the place but there was this enormous $12 poutine in front of me.

It was enormous. And BBQ Pulled Pork Poutine.

Three of us split it. Three.
You can check out the whole menu on their website

For poutine rank, this is #3 taste-wise, but #1 price-wise. That said, we're going by taste (my blog my rules lol) so here's your list:
  1. Dunn's Famous
  2. Preston's
  3. Frenchies
  4. La Poutinerie
  5. Fritz
  6. La Belle Patate
Check out the updated list here <3
If this is all you came for, you're done now, otherwise keep reading =)

I was trying to convince my friend to get herself a corset, but we settled on the next best thing.

That's right, pin-up style (?) cherry print dress ;)
She looks so fantastic right! (from Venus and Mars on Richards I believe.)

Then we went up the street to Dressew, which is never open on weekends, and we found hats.
Pimpin' cowgirl
And then we went for dessert!
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Chocolate Covered Caramel Apple ($8)
And dinner!
Nando's half chicken with side
We walked into Nando's and there was a sign! Apparently on Tuesdays they have this thing where you get TWO of those plates above (two! and you pick your side - I got rice, bf got fries) for, ready for this? $16. Fuck yeah we did!
Suncreen heart squirt =D
And that was my day! How was yours?


  1. Oh, I love that cherry print dress!! I pretty much love anything with cherries. :) I tagged you with the 11 questions tag. ;) Go here to check it out. Hope you have a great Friday!!

    1. Thanks lady! I'm gonna have fun with this! =D

  2. I LOVE that dress!! :D
    Oh man, that poutine looks so amaaaaaazing right now!!! *drool*

    1. It was incredibly gorgeous, I'm so glad she got it!

      Find a Frenchies! Or else, I bet there's some place you could convince to put cheese curds and gravy on fries around you ;)


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