Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Poutine number 5: Fritz

On Saturday before the Richmond Night Market (post coming soon) we went for poutine. The Flying Pig was full AGAIN, so we walked a block to Fritz which was open for once! =D

I got a large poutine ($8). It was delicious, the gravy was really, really good, but pretty average. There was nothing really special about it. It was pretty on par with La Belle Patate's poutine.

So because I couldn't really distinguish between La Belle Patate and Fritz, I'm going to have to put Fritz in last place for now. La Belle Patate was just more bang for my buck. Sorry I don't too have much to say!
  1. Dunn's Famous
  2. Preston's
  3. La Poutinerie
  4. La Belle Patate
  5. Fritz

Check out the updated list here <3
Side Note: I want to thank you guys all sooo much. I just hit 10, 000 pageviews!! =D You're all awesome!


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