Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Birthday Freebies!!

So here's a post you'll want to read. My birthday's in about a month, and I know that Red Robin and Boston Pizza give me free food, and I get a free chocolate bar from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, so I thought that there must be a lot more things that people will want to give me. Let me tell you, it'll be a busy week come July.

First up, lunch and dinner:
  1. Applebee's - Free meal on the day
  2. Boston Pizza - Free entree or dessert with a coupon after joining their e-mail club
  3. The Keg - Free Billy Miller pie on the day
  4. Milestone's - Buy 3 get 1 free meals
  5. Montana's - Free dessert on the day
  6. Red Robin - Free meal with a coupon after joining their e-mail club
  7. Quizno's - Free meal with a coupon after joining their e-mail club
Next, snack and treats:
  1. Body Shop - Free "Love your Body" card in store entailing you to 10% off for a year
  2. Sephora - Two sugar lip treatments after joining the Beauty Insider Club
  3. Dairy Queen - Buy one get one free blizzards with coupon after joining their e-mail club
  4. Blenz - Free drink on the day
  5. Starbucks - Free drink with a coupon after registering your Starbucks card
  6. Marble Slab - Free treat with coupon after joining their e-mail club
  7. Godiva Chocolatier - Free chocolate on the day after joining their rewards program
  8. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - Free chocolate bar within 2 weeks of your birthday with a Rocky card
So I am super excited to eat like a pig and get free stuff. I'm gonna be honest, I'll probably skip Applebee's, Milestones and Montana's. Probably Quizno too, but it might happen. Boston Pizza and Red Robin's coupons aren't for the day, they're within a week, so that's perfect and leaves me with an appetite for the Keg at least (even though that probably won't happen either... delicious but expensive O_o).

I am definitely making my rounds of the mall. Gonna get all coffee'd at Starbucks and Blenz, sugared at Sephora and Godiva. Hopefully Marble Slab is not an on the day thing (I'll update as I find out) so that when I trek out to get my Rocky Mountain Chocolate bar I can cash in the ice creamy goodness. One more day for a pair of DQ Blizzards (with Branden - I'm barely capable of one by myself) and my life will be complete. Or my year anyway. =)

In conclusion, I'm actually excited for once. I usually hate or am indifferent about my birthday. I obviously didn't realize how much free stuff companies want to give me. Now if I could just get some free nail polish, I'll never let anything ruin the year again hahaha.

Do you guys know anywhere else I might like to go? COMMENTS APPRECIATED =D

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