Sunday, June 3, 2012

ASBMF#8 Matte Magic

So I'm sorry this took sooo long, but I am a strong believer in magic involving both glitter and magic.

Del Sol Superpower + Essence Gleam in Blue stamped on index and ring finger
It's supposed to be invisible

Add glitter! (Odille 49)

+ Warpaint Mattify

Final product, in shade

Final product, in sun! MAGIC.
I just could not get a picture that shows that the stamping magically appeared! You can kind of still see it up there though right? I used my new Red Angel plates, and stamping is actually really easy if you use a thick enough polish (Essence seems to be amazing for that - I've also heard Zoya and China Glaze though).

I'd like to say that the next ASBMF post will come soon, but I reeeeally like my nails right now >_< lulz. Sorry.

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