Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ASBMF#12 May Flowers


We're gonna let this speak for itself...

Our power went out, so you get flashlight pics for these two.

Looks a mess, doesn't it...

This was my best. As you can see, the orange didn't want to pick up.

The middle finger is different because it was drying while I was doing the rest.

I told you sometimes my off hand is better!
So I used Sally Hansen Ivy League underneath, because flowers and green go together, but I wanted to use really bright colours for flowers. My camera is doing these nails way too many favours though, because they're not nearly as bright in person =(

For the stamping I used Sally Hansen Blue Me Away, which worked out alright, Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine, which was pretty good and Essence Wake Up! which gave up on me halfway through. That pink is a random Sally Hansen from Branden's mom and I forgot to take note of the name. Underneath is also a leafy stamp using Ulta The Jungle Look, which didn't turn out too badly (but got covered up)

So that was disappointing.

On the other hand....

I got my Julep order! Claire and Daisy =)
I can't wait to swatch these! I feel some blue skies coming on!

PS guys, if you want Julep ever, this is the month to get it.
I'm dying!

I am also splurging for both, and you guys should too! If you're not already a maven, join in using this link along with discount code PENNY at the checkout for your first Maven box for ONE CENT. I highly recommend k? Then link me your thoughts on your box so I can see what you got!

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