Friday, May 25, 2012


Hi guys! There is an ASBMF post but we're gonna start with this.

Julep Nessa + Del Sol Chicky on ring finger
I got my Red Angel plates in the mail (no pics, sorry) and so I tried some stamping. The idea was that I would have an invisible design until I was in the sun but I fail so hard at stamping. Also when I tried to take a picture of this this morning but when I tried to get my camera my clear topcoat went flying and shattered on the bus loop concrete. After that I just left it and went to the gym, where when I reached in my good thumb scraped against the mesh and took a chunk out.

I wanted to mention though, that they look really similar (especially between my index and ring finger) but that was just the lighting and Nessa is much much more saturated than the Del Sol. However, for stamping, they are nearly invisible enough to be perfect for my purposes. The image did appear in the sun amazingly.

In conclusion, I didn't get the good picture (really disappointing) and it was a very depressing day. I just peeled them all off and traded yellow for orange. It was a doomed yellow but I will try again when I have gotten the hang of stamping.


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