Friday, March 9, 2012

Week/Exams, Memorial, Nails

My week was hectic. I had a midterm on Thursday and also one today and I caught up all week then somehow managed to memorize most of it in time for the tests. WHOO. And now they're over. If I don't get the same or better grades than I did last round, I'm going to be very disappointed.

Now on a more serious note, last year today I found out that one of the best people I'd ever met had ceased to exist. I forget which stories I've put on here, but it's weird to think about how she'll never get to graduate, get to troll more weird people who call me, get to find someone to be an adorable couple with. I don't really want to cry about it anymore though. I also don't have any more stories because I didn't know her that well. It just really sucks that that's gonna stay that way.

Yesterday instead of studying I did my nails. They remind me of dinosaur eggs. I'll add a picture. I think I also ranted about Joe polish before, and I want to partially rescind it. I'm going to try the grey again, but my brown was FABULOUS. It looks like chocolate. Also I love my matte topcoat from Hot Topic (Warpaint Beauty brand). OMG THERE'S A HOT TOPIC IN BELLINGHAM. Okay, I think I can convince my dad to go there. Branden's busy Saturday and my dad wants to go to the states this weekend.

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